Reelin’ ‘Em In in 2010

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here.  My goal for 2010 is to keep everyone updated on our status and bring in the business!

I’m still working a full-time job, while keeping up with my business interest, so I’m a super busy woman these days!  My hubby is still deployed to Iraq, so we don’t expect to see him back in the states until May 2010.  He should be visiting Alaska around July, and I have lots of things on his “Honey Do” list already–I’m sure he can’t wait.

Business is going well.  Our shampoo and conditioner are selling well, and we’re in the market for Independent Consultants and business affiliates.  I’m even considering “private label”, for those businesses who’ve approached me about that venture.  Who knows–I may be able to quit my full-time job this year.  WooHoo!!

For those of you who are faithful readers, thanks!  I appreciate your support (and your business) and hope to see you around in 2010.

Until next time…


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We’re Visible in 2009!

Well, I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but I thought I’d let you know about some exciting things happening with The Mom Lady over the next few months!

From March 20 thru April 30, The Mom Lady is giving away a $30 Gift Certificate at the “Spring Fling” event hosted by It’s Wickedly Chic.  This event is open to businesses that specialize in bath & body products like we do, and they’ve invited us to participate.  I’m very excited.  To read more about this, visit the hosting website at  We also have an advertisement on that page to save 30% off your order with Promo Code FLING.  Offer ends April 30, 2009.

On April 25, The Mom Lady will be participating in a trade show on Eielson Air Force Base.  This show is in conjunction with the USAF’s “Red Flag” exercise, which includes military organization from around the world.  The Mom Lady was requested to participating, since our products are certified Made in Alaska.  If you are able to attend this show, it will be held from 9-5 on April 25.  We hope to see all ya’ll.

If you haven’t visited our website lately at www.themomlady,com, visit us soon!  Our new shampoo/conditioner is now available, and it’s becoming a popular item almost as quickly as we can get it made.  That’s a good thing, but it sure is keeping us on our toes.

One last item of business.  If you get a Sunday newspaper, you are familiar with the Parade Magazine insert.  In April, Parade always publishes a “What People Earn” edition.  This year, The Mom Lady (Elaine Neetz) will be featured in the insert.  I hope to hear from you when you let me know that you saw The Mom Lady “live and in person.”

That’s all for now.  Until next time . . .

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Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner!!!

As I write this, I’m thinking of the wording for my Mother’s Day commercial on our local TV station, KFBX.  My new advertising campaign will feature the newest photos on my website ( and contain my own voiceover work.  It’s exciting, but it takes time.

With Mother’s Day in May, I’m offering 50% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE with Promo Code MOM, now through May 9.  If you’re having orders shipped outside Alaska, as most people do, please order by May 1.  This will ensure that the products arrive to your loved one in plenty of time.

Shop early!  If you have questions about some of the products on the website without pictures, drop me an email at, and I’ll be glad to give you a better explanation.

Hope to see all ya’ll on the site soon.

Until next time…

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Business as Usual Around Here…

As I write this, our family has just learned that my husband will be moving to Fort Hood, Texas, for the next 4 1/2 years.  This military move will deploy him to Iraq for the 5th time (yes, you read that correctly!) and will leave us without a “man of the house” for the next several years.

For this reason, I’m really pushing my business and trying to get as many customers “hooked” as possible.  I’m hopeful that home parties will be the wave of the future for us and that sales will go through the roof.  I just filled 10 orders today, from a recent party, and I have to say it was surreal (to say the least!)

Please get the word out that I need to stay busy.  If you read this from out of state, I would encourage you to host a “catalog party” and reap the same benefits as those who hostess locally.  The products are great, and the rewards are even greater.  My first hostess gaines $50 in FREE products and 50% off everything else she ordered.  And, it can happen to you!!

Thanks for your continued support reading my blog.  I sometimes get too busy to write, but I’m thinking of things all the time.

Until next time…

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More About Home Parties…

At this writing, two people have approached me about doing home parties in early 2009.  I’m really excited at the chance to introduce Beauty Booty to more people in the world.  I only hope they love the products as much as I do!

Presently, Beauty Booty is undergoing some major changes…label changes, that is.  Our new, totally “pirate-y” labels will be available for 2009 orders and are already appearing on shelves in The Mom Lady’s home office.  Local vendors are asking to see our line of products, and they may be showing up on shelves all over Alaska.  Time will tell!

Stay tuned for new developments.  Keep The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty on your shopping list for holiday gifts, and remember to have a safe holiday gathering with those you love.

For all military families who have a soldier serving overseas–God Bless You and your family.  My family did this for three years, straight, so we know the emptiness your family feels.  Our prayers are with you!

Until next time…

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Host a Party with The Mom Lady!

New for 2009!  The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty will be available for in-home parties!  I’ve decided that this might be a really good way to get our name out in the community and allow people a chance to “sniff and squirt”, without being bombarded by throngs of people who might stand around at a trade show booth.

Currently, I’m busy putting together a catalog of items I offer, and it’s quite an undertaking.  For this project alone, I need to buy 100-pound gloss paper if I want a real catalog.  It costs $500 to print 250 of them commercially, so I figured it would be neat to put my desktop publishing skills to work and design my own.  As all things are in the beginning, it will be a quite amateur product but, as funds become available from more and more sales, I just might be able to have them produced commercially.  I could only hope!!

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  If you’re a reader of my blog, please leave comments (good or bad), and I’ll take everyone’s ideas into serious consideration.  As a side note, every hostess will receive a FREE GIFT, valued at $25, just for taking the time to clean their house and make snacks for the event. 

OK, your word counts here.  Keep ’em coming’!!

Until next time…

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Greetings from Alaska!!

Welcome to the FIRST ISSUE of The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty blog!  This is quite a feat for us, and we are glad to have finally found our little niche in cyberspace. 

Stay tuned for updates and product specials, as we tackle blogging for the first time.  Comment and suggestions from you, the readers, are always welcomed.  Please comment, so we’ll know someone is reading this darn thing!

–The Mom Lady


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