Greetings from Alaska!!

Welcome to the FIRST ISSUE of The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty blog!  This is quite a feat for us, and we are glad to have finally found our little niche in cyberspace. 

Stay tuned for updates and product specials, as we tackle blogging for the first time.  Comment and suggestions from you, the readers, are always welcomed.  Please comment, so we’ll know someone is reading this darn thing!

–The Mom Lady



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3 responses to “Greetings from Alaska!!

  1. Hi Elaine! Found you! Looking forward to reading your updates. We are putting your blog link on our blog. Good luck! ~Debbie

  2. two more websites:, (FYI)

    I’M reading “this darn thing”! I hope you will reciprocate. I have four blogs (need only one, but we’ll see which one gets the most interest first). I’ll put your blog link on one of my blogs if you will be so kind as to check them out and tell me which one you would be “proud” to be linked to. Reciprocation appreciated. Fair? I love the Invisible Ads! It’s a great idea -the novelty alone should gain a lot of interest – good for us all I hope. Here’s to great networking and some friendly, productive blogging. LORENA (a MOM lady too!)

  3. I’m reading! I’m reading!

    (I’ll be buying lots from you for Christmas presents this year!!!)



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