Host a Party with The Mom Lady!

New for 2009!  The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty will be available for in-home parties!  I’ve decided that this might be a really good way to get our name out in the community and allow people a chance to “sniff and squirt”, without being bombarded by throngs of people who might stand around at a trade show booth.

Currently, I’m busy putting together a catalog of items I offer, and it’s quite an undertaking.  For this project alone, I need to buy 100-pound gloss paper if I want a real catalog.  It costs $500 to print 250 of them commercially, so I figured it would be neat to put my desktop publishing skills to work and design my own.  As all things are in the beginning, it will be a quite amateur product but, as funds become available from more and more sales, I just might be able to have them produced commercially.  I could only hope!!

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  If you’re a reader of my blog, please leave comments (good or bad), and I’ll take everyone’s ideas into serious consideration.  As a side note, every hostess will receive a FREE GIFT, valued at $25, just for taking the time to clean their house and make snacks for the event. 

OK, your word counts here.  Keep ’em coming’!!

Until next time…


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