Business as Usual Around Here…

As I write this, our family has just learned that my husband will be moving to Fort Hood, Texas, for the next 4 1/2 years.  This military move will deploy him to Iraq for the 5th time (yes, you read that correctly!) and will leave us without a “man of the house” for the next several years.

For this reason, I’m really pushing my business and trying to get as many customers “hooked” as possible.  I’m hopeful that home parties will be the wave of the future for us and that sales will go through the roof.  I just filled 10 orders today, from a recent party, and I have to say it was surreal (to say the least!)

Please get the word out that I need to stay busy.  If you read this from out of state, I would encourage you to host a “catalog party” and reap the same benefits as those who hostess locally.  The products are great, and the rewards are even greater.  My first hostess gaines $50 in FREE products and 50% off everything else she ordered.  And, it can happen to you!!

Thanks for your continued support reading my blog.  I sometimes get too busy to write, but I’m thinking of things all the time.

Until next time…


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