Reelin’ ‘Em In in 2010

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here.  My goal for 2010 is to keep everyone updated on our status and bring in the business!

I’m still working a full-time job, while keeping up with my business interest, so I’m a super busy woman these days!  My hubby is still deployed to Iraq, so we don’t expect to see him back in the states until May 2010.  He should be visiting Alaska around July, and I have lots of things on his “Honey Do” list already–I’m sure he can’t wait.

Business is going well.  Our shampoo and conditioner are selling well, and we’re in the market for Independent Consultants and business affiliates.  I’m even considering “private label”, for those businesses who’ve approached me about that venture.  Who knows–I may be able to quit my full-time job this year.  WooHoo!!

For those of you who are faithful readers, thanks!  I appreciate your support (and your business) and hope to see you around in 2010.

Until next time…


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